#theresponse The Response to Covid-19

I must remind myself to be intellectually honest with myself. The actual covid-19 virus has not harmed anyone I know, though I imagine in the months to come, it will join cancer, accidents and other causes of death in taking the lives of a handful of those I know and love. The COVID-19 virus has NOT harmed local businesses even tiny bit.

“The Response” however, has severely damaged many lives, including mine and those I employ, support and serve.

We could say “the government response” or use stronger terms that more accurately describe the situation, however this would turn off many mainstream, uninformed and lower IQ people, and I care about those people as well. The Response to Covid-19 is doing great harm to the economy, it is time to learn more.

Most people are ignorant

I don’t say this to be mean, rather, I say it as a warning to save your time and effort.

As you study history, human nature, government and other topics, you will try to share what you learn with others. Most will reject the knowledge, remaining willfully ignorant. Bottom line? Move on, you can not save everyone. Know that many people who you once held close will sometimes even become an enemy of truth and reason.


Propaganda exists.  Look up the definition. It isn’t a wacko conspiracy theory, it has been used the world over, and for many thousands of years. I have “fallen” for various things many times and will likely still fall for things. 

Propaganda is rarely easily noticed. It takes a keen eye to find it. An example is, “Don’t Mess With Texas.” This was a propaganda slogan that was part of a campaign to stop littering in Texas. Check it out. One year ago, I didn’t have any idea that the term was not an “accident” and I didn’t even know that it referred to littering. Nonetheless, it has been in my brain as one of the things that I think about when I think of Texas.

In the above example, I am not suggesting that I am opposed to the message delivered through that propaganda. I hope that you never litter in Texas or anywhere. My point is that we should hone our senses and be on the lookout for it. 

Many of the information sources available to you offer this propaganda. Many of the people spreading it are “useful idiots.” The sign of a brilliant and well-funded propaganda campaign is when it can take on a life of its own

For example, I am writing this section of your book in late March 2020 and governments very much want people to stay home due to a virus that is spreading. I am guessing that a hip DJ on a Top 40 station right now is encouraging people to stay home. The DJ does not have any more information than his listeners. 

In the last 24 hours, several relatives sent me a “home video” of a Detroit nurse talking about the latest virus. She violated many logical fallacies, displayed eye movements congruent with dishonesty, included click-bait terminology and pleaded for people to obey the government’s rules. I suspect that her performance was scripted, however my point is true even if it wasn’t. 98% of people that see her video will think it was spontaneous, true, righteous and good. 

Thousands of other people are also following the master script, just as the nurse in the video and the DJ, most without even knowing it. The Response to Covid-19 is like that to many other “scary things.” #theresponse

In a few months or years, a new “thing to fear” will come to consciousness, perhaps the dangers of Canadians, health food or book-reading. Maybe even all three? The government will declare an emergency and offer a solution. The solution will include permanent removal of “rights” and more loans from central banks.

The government will warn us to “watch out for Canadian health food books” and a bit later, due to the emergency situation, will make new legislation. Because all subjects failed to voluntarily comply and hate Canadians, books and health food, the government will have to protect us by taking more drastic steps. The DJ will speak with passion about the dangers, and we will know that all of the cool people are not ignoring this grave danger and are instead actively supporting The Response.

The Jews or Japs, the marijuanas, the Muslims, the climate, the purveyors of fake news, the aids, the second-hand smoke or the covid-19 or some other really scary threat will always be just over the hill headed our direction, and our benevolent government will take action. They will spread the news through contemporary channels and methods, and most people will fall for it. You won’t.

Why does this matter and what can you do about it? I don’t know. Governments are powerful, they all suck and you are probably doomed. The Response to Covid-19 is just another example. What can one person do, right?

Good talk.


Government The Response to Covid-19
The government’s response to VOVID-19 killed the economy. #theresponse