Larken Rose

Peace Advocate Larken Rose

“Peace Advocate Larken Rose is the current best voice of Voluntaryism.”

Larken’s blue collar and very direct style is appreciated by thoughtful advocates of freedom, human rights and individualism.   He “says it like it is” and does not attempt to do so in a polite, kind or persuasive manner.  His book, The Most Dangerous Superstition is available on Amazon HERE and the audio version can be found HERE.

You might be offended by him, and if you are new to Voluntaryism, he might not be the perfect place to start your journey, however we regard him as #1 for the above average IQ analytical thinker that is willing to confront truth head-on!

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He is philanthropic in terms of his gift to humanity of an approachable and common sense understanding of reason, peace and justice.  His intellectual consistency is impressive.  Enjoy his old podcast for free here, or his new podcast here.

Peace Advocate Larken Rose YouTube channel provides many wonderful hours of education and thought-provoking content.

This book is a “must read” for anyone interested in Voluntaryism.  You might not like it, but it is hard to find any flaws in reasoning.

This is a wonderful compilation of the Larken Rose philosophy of Voluntaryism:

Peace Advocate Larken Rose
Larken Rose


“The libertarian philosophy doesn’t explain the best way to grow a vegetable garden!” Why do some people talk as if there should be one concept or principle which is all you’ll ever need to know in order to handle everything in life? Right now the PRIMARY threat to humanity–by a factor of a zillion–is the belief in “authority.” And the solution–the ONLY solution–is for people to escape that superstition. Questions like, “But how do we care for the poor?” are 100% logically IRRELEVANT to proving that statism is immoral and destructive. “But gee, if I stop sawing off my toes with this steak knife, how will I balance my checkbook?” Why the hell do people imagine that anarchists have some obligation to explain how every aspect of everyone’s life will work, just because they say, “Having a ruling class is immoral and irrational”? When someone tells you to stop advocating evil crap (e.g., statism), they don’t suddenly acquire an obligation to explain the whole universe to you, or to guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen to anyone ever again.”
― Larken Rose