Patrick Smith of Disenthrall

Patrick Smith

Voluntaryist Patrick Smith of Disenthrall

Patrick Smith of Disenthrall is a peaceful parenting unschooling father of three and a husband to his wife Lana. He is a technology entrepreneur with a history in the powersports, automotive, and cryptocurrency spaces.

Patrick lives for the the competition and freedom of capitalism. He is also a philosopher, which he would tell you is just a fancy word for someone who is annoyed by inconsistency and loves a good debate seeking truth.


Patrick is also an activist seeking to spread the ideas of freedom, consent, and the non-aggression principle around the world through his YouTube channel Disenthrall and locally, having organized one of the largest meetup groups of Voluntaryists in the world where he lives in Dallas.  (Patrick Smith helped Openly Voluntary with consultation on how to make our own Meetup group more successful.)

Patrick is creative and has come up with great ideas about how to spread voluntaryism.  See the “Prove me Wrong” video below as one example.


Another popular video that Patrick Smith produced:

In 2020, Jeff Berwick handed over the world’s most popular alternative philosophy show to Patrick, and Patrick has since brought new levels of journalistic quality to the show: Anarchast.


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