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I am going to be a guest on your show, what should I know?

Technical –

  1. I use Zoom. You will need to have it downloaded onto your phone, tablet or computer.
  2. You will need headphones or ear buds.
  3. You phone mic will work, but if you have better, that would be great! A $22 version or a $115 version mic setup is great!

Etiquette – A talk show host should be heard by their audience at least 6 seconds per minute on average, and should never remain silent for more than two minutes. Do not use the 7 naughty words. Relax and speak with a clear voice, keeping your mouth the same distance from your mic / phone the entire time. Don’t try to use a “radio voice” because it never comes off well. 🙂

    • “Talkative” guests ought to calm down and allow the host to be involved in the show. 😉 Please be alert for the host breaking in to make their presence known.
    • “Shy” guests ought to speak up and share their valuable knowledge for at least half of the time. 🙂

Can I advertise on your show?

Yes, we welcome sponsors! Many businesses would benefit from reaching a libertarian-leaning conservative demographic. We offer 30-second spots on our weekly one-hour radio show, “Let’s Think!” Spread your message with us and reap the rewards!

  1. 30-second spots: $55 for one spot per show, or $99 for two per show.
  2. 60-second spots: $99 for one spot per show, or $189 for two per show.
  3. Gold Show Sponsor. I take EXCELLENT care of you, let’s chat. $150 per week, 12 week minimum. two minutes of spots per show plus additional promotion, website links.
  4. Show guest expert: If, and only if, you have truly unique and valuable information to share, we can discuss you appearing as a guest to discuss your area of expertise. While there will not be direct “advertisements”, it is probable that, if you do a great job, listeners will seek you out after the show. An example might be a financial planner discussing how to build a savings plan etc… $300/show … and I demand that my listeners only get top-quality useful information, so if we record the show and it isn’t top-shelf content, you will get 50% back and the show will not air.

KHNC 1360, our first affiliate in in Northern Colorado between Denver and Fort Collins. The radio station does not have statistics on listenership numbers, thus the low prices above.


Listen live on Saturday evenings at 6pm Mountain time on northern Colorado’s top talk radio station, KHNC 1360 or find our podcasts at: (coming soon) Join our conversation on our forum HERE.

Let’s Think Voluntaryist Radio Show, 2020

Voluntaryist Talk Radio Show

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