How To Publish Your Own Book on Voluntaryism

Over the last year I reinvented the wheel of writing and publishing a couple of books, and I have a few ideas that can make your journey easier.
  1. Use Amazon kdp: (Many reasons why this is good)
  2. Change your page size to 6″ x 9″
  3. Learn how to insert page numbers in different sections and insert them
  4. Change your font size to 11 and use Arial.
  5. “Justify” to both sides
  6. Start all chapters on the right (odd) side
  7. Figure out the structure that you want; sections, chapters etc … make sure it flows for your intended audience.
  8. Next, run it by OV1 for some formatting improvements… then, publish it!!! I know it isn’t done and ready yet, but publish it and order a couple of “author copies” for about $4 each… having YOUR book in your hand will help you design the rest of it.
  9. Plan to pay an editor $500 to $1k to edit it, it costs less if you have friends do it first (many will promise to help, ZERO will get it done in a timely manner)
  10. Do it right. Like, people can tell when a book is self-published from your mom’s basement, make sure to allow me or another experienced person to mentor you… don’t do what most voluntaryists have done; good content but low-level editing, cover, layout, font etc…
  11. Writing the excellent first 90% of the book is the easiest part, and makes up about 10% of the work. You will sell three copies to the 35 family and friends who promise to buy a copy. Unless you hustle, you will never sell another copy.

By the way, if you have not already done so, please submitt YOUR testimony about how you became a voluntaryist HERE.