Behind the Bullets

We met Tim Bruton at Anarchalulco 2016 and later became close friends.  He is a former government assassin, and has been shot and probably has shot others.  Even as a statist warrior, Tim struggled with what he was doing, one time when an “enemy” shot and wounded him with an AK-47, he strayed from the Marine code of “killing anyone that shoots a Marine” and arrested the man instead.

Upon his return to the USSA, Tim noticed that the company that was treating him for PTSD was a subsidiary of an arms company.  Basically the parent firm made money selling war equipment on the front end and also made money “counseling” returning warriors who suffer psychological damage.  Tim studied Smedley Butler, and his interest grew.  Could there really be a group of folks sadistic enough to make their living this way?

Tim continues to heal and has begun his project, Behind the Bullets.  This project begins with his journey of healing and his investigation into the Military Industrial Complex.  He is the first EX-marine to address this subject from a voluntaryist perspective, and we hope you will join him on his journey!

Behind the Bullets Tim Bruton