Steve Thomas – Most Dangerous Superstition audiobook

Steve Thomas – Producer of he Most Dangerous Superstition Audiobook

Steve is a normal guy.  Well, not really.  Normal isn’t great.

Steve has principles based on his values, and they have led him to embrace Voluntaryism.

Back in 2015, Steve read The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose and realized that there was not a professional audio version.  He remodeled a room in his home, building sound dampening panels, buying thousands of dollars of expensive equipment and teaching himself to narrate, edit and produce.

In February 2016 I introduced Steve to Larken in the lobby at the Grand Hotel in Acapulco Mexico.  They discussed Steve’s project, which Steve did for free and as a gift to Larken to sell or give away as he pleased.  Later in 2016 The Most Dangerous Superstition audiobook was released!

Most Dangerous Superstition audiobook
February 2016


If the above link does not work, his audiobook is available for free on our SoundCloud page HERE.

The Most Dangerous Superstition audiobook
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