Introduction of Voluntaryism Thought Leaders

Voluntaryism is a growing field of contemplation.  When I first became involved in 2008, I estimated the number of voluntaryists worldwide (folks that had a grasp on the philosophy) at less than 5,000.  By 2016, I think that number has risen to over 20,000!  This is not statistically “relevant” from a political standpoint, but since we are not involved in politics, I guess I am allowed to be excited!

A number of people have contributed to our movement, from Lysander Spooner over 100 years ago to the hundreds of “new” folks that have joined our ranks just this decade and stepped forward to be entrepreneurs in the spreading of our ideas.  We appreciate the work of pro-state folks like Claude-Frédéric Bastiat, Ayn Rand and Ron Paul.  These people and many others did much heavy lifting that paved the way for Voluntaryism!  This site however, is a specialized site for Voluntaryists.

As it turns out, all of these leaders are human beings.  They sometimes say stupid things, fart, flip off motorists and such.  We do not celebrate every fiber of their being herein, we celebrate, appreciate and share the wisdom they have given.  For the less-versed in logic, we remind you that because we like a thing or many things a person said, that person is still a human.  It might be discovered that they once kicked a cat or did something else that most of us would agree they should not have done.

I welcome your input as we develop this site!