Voluntaryist Foundation for the Mentally Retarded

The enemies of freedom use propaganda as one of their primary tools. They have thousands of outlets, and have honed their these distribution systems and networks with excellence. They have retarded the mental growth of billions of humans, and our Voluntaryist Foundation for the Mentally Retarded (VFMR) seeks to help illuminate knowledge so that those who have been retarded may grow.

I am morally unsure about using some “propaganda” techniques as a tool to help reform mentally retarded people because some aspects are in opposition to my principle of honesty.

  • I have to ask, am I harming anyone?
  • Is this a means versus ends thing? I live by the motto, “If one takes care of the means; the end will take care of itself.”
  • In the intellectual war to save humanity, does the stoic and moral man properly find grey areas in adhering to principles?
  • Do principles apply equally when fighting aggressors?
  • Is it dishonest to help a mentally retarded person find safety without using a clear and direct communication method? Ie… a speeding car is coming, and instead of warning the person about the speeding car, shouting, “Come get some ice cream!” In this example, a dishonest means was used to achieve a moral end.

Provided it is a moral tactic, I am stepping up to lead the humanitarian efforts to help those who have had their intellectual growth retarded by propaganda. Would you like to join me, or take over my leadership position? I welcome either!

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Examples of campaigns that could be done:

SEO for 2022 election results

SEO for 2024 presidential election updates

Establishing Voluntaryism as a religion with protections against the book of faces, the tube of U, etc …

End gun violence message redirect:






Less astute observers have wondered if our foundation focuses on people with lower than aversge IQ’s, but our primary victim-demographic to help is the 95 to 125 IQ range.