Larken Rose Island Analogy

SWL-007 to SWL-011 The Island Analogy by Larken Rose

The Island Analogy by Larken Rose

Five podcasts (SWL-007 to SWL-011)

THE ISLAND part one – This will be the first of several days of discussing my island analogy which demonstrates that normal people who’ve never even heard of voluntaryism and are scared of the word anarchism are nonetheless already voluntaryists at heart and already have all the wisdom and virtue they need to make a stateless society work

THE ISLAND part two – The kinds of arrangements and agreements that people naturally form may include leaders and even hierarchy but people do not naturally want or accept violent domination.

THE ISLAND part three – Whether they know the terminology or not people already instinctively know the difference between consensus and domination between self-ownership and slavery between property rights and theft between subjugation and cooperation And without prolonged indoctrination they naturally choose voluntaryism over statism.

THE ISLAND part four – One of the most common concerns that comes up when people start to think about a stateless society is But who will protect us from the nasty people The bad news is freedom is inconvenient because it requires personal responsibility The good news is that it also leads to far more moral and rational solutions than government ever would.

THE ISLAND part five – Two more common concerns about a stateless society national defense and but there are too many people to do things that way are laid to rest using the island analogy.

Larken Rose Island Analogy


Larken did a brilliant video presentation at Anarchapulco 2016 hosted by Openly Voluntary in

February 2016!  See our post with video links to his presentation here:

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