Snarkin with Larken Rose

Snarkin with Larken Rose episodes 31-40

Snarkin with Larken Rose episodes 31-40  Yeah, I know they are not in order.  This either has to do with my technical ignorance or maybe I am mocking the fallacy that anarchists don’t like order.  You decide.

SWL-031.mp3 My response to a Common Core article on “Being a Good Citizen.”
SWL-032.mp3 My commentary on the non-indictment of Darren Wilson (the cop who shot and killed Michael Brown), and the whole Ferguson situation.
SWL-033.mp3 A rant about the inherently bogus concept of “illegal aliens.”
SWL-034.mp3 A Thanksgiving rant.
SWL-035.mp3 How the belief in “government” makes good look like evil, and evil look like good.
SWL-036.mp3 While many statists cite the existence of sociopaths as a reason we need “government,” it’s actually a big reason why we need to NOT HAVE “government.”
SWL-037.mp3 When it comes to “conspiracy theories,” most people have an opinion which they won’t budge from, before they have seen or considered ANY evidence. Here’s why.
SWL-038.mp3 My take on “The Founders” (part one).
SWL-039.mp3 My take on “The Founders” (part two).
SWL-040.mp3 Here is why the one ingredient that makes “government” what it is, also makes “government” the worst solution to every problem.

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