SAVE Are You a Squared Away Voluntaryist Entrepreneur?

In every group of people, there are subgroups. One such subgroup of voluntaryism is the (save) squared away voluntaryist entrepreneur. Some voluntaryists focus on the study of history, some focus on tantric yoga, crystals and others on grandmother ayahuasca. Still others focus on stoicism or self reliance or a variety of other interests. Many voluntaryists are “members” of multiple subgroups. This article exists to offer a explanation of what SAVE folks are all about.

  • A SAVE focuses their intellectual thought on things higher than the common person.
  • A SAVE develops their principles and moral code and strives to consistently uphold their subjective values.
  • A SAVE has been solvent for at least 9 of the last 10 years, recognizing that the world is comprised of a bunch of crap. The SAVE intelligently approaches this reality and works within it to create a solid financial situation.
  • A SAVE consumes at least four non-fiction books each year.
  • A SAVE has a solid understanding of logic, reason and the scientific method.
Squared Away Voluntaryist Entrepreneurs SAVE
Squared away: To put something in order. On square-rigged vessels, the state of the sails when properly trimmed were said to be Squared Away.