“Psychology of Statism” by Larken Rose

“Know Thine Enemy”

Understanding and Dealing with the Psychology of Statism – An evening chat with Larken Rose – Hosted by Openly Voluntary One

You know how wrong that other guy is about politics and government, and you’re quite good at telling him how wrong he is. But do you fully understand what he really believes, how he truly sees the world, and why? More importantly, do you know how to make him actually question his own assumptions and beliefs?

With over twenty years of experience dealing with every manner of devout statist—every flavor of true believer in the god called “government”—outspoken voluntaryist, human rights activist and author Larken Rose is eager to share his insights and methods for helping one’s fellow man to escape the cult of authoritarianism. (This event is especially recommended for any voluntaryist who has ever said, or thought, about a family member, friend, coworker, etc., “It’s hopeless; I can’t convince him; he’ll never learn.”)

Friday, February 24, 2017

Feel free to grab a snack or meal from Verde Vegan or another area restaurant on the way up!

  • 6:30 to 7:10pm — OV1 leads a workshop on Propaganda and we participate in exercises (not the child-like BS of passing fluffy toys to each-other) to help us meet and get to know other An-Caps.  (See description at bottom of page)
  • 7:15 p.m. to 7:45pmLarken Rose gives a crash course in statist deprogramming.  (You do NOT need to attend the Propaganda hour before hand, but we hope you do!)
  • 7:45 p.m. to 9:00 pm — Q&A with Larken, discussion, arguing, yelling and screaming, etc.

Cost:  $20 USD or equivalent

Here is the deal, all net profit from this event goes to Larken.  First we pay the hotel for the space & whatever payment processing fees we incur etc… OV1 is not taking any $ from this event.

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OK so what if you are on a crazy-tight budget and are considering not coming because of $$$?  We want you to come, so let’s work this out like anarcho-capitalists!  What “value” can you give us in exchange for the “value” you get from us?  I see a couple options:

  1. A sincere IOU handshake promise that by July 30, 2017 you will donate $25 to Larken HERE.
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In the Resort Mundo Imperial Expo Convention Center, upstairs in Salon A-3, very close to where the TDV Summit will just be winding up.  See this video for a good idea of how to find us!  You will enter through one of the middle doors near the escalators.

Propaganda Workshop details (630-710pm)

Many of us in TA (Tribe Anarchapulco) are interested in philosophy, and communication of ideas is a big part of our world.  Propaganda is an effective communication tool used by Statists.  This workshop is designed to help you hone your skills in identifying, countering and using propaganda in a moral manner.

The other goal is for everyone just arriving to meet each other and start some friendships for the weekend.  Some folks that have attended Anarchapulco in the past will be available to chat and answer any questions you might have.  No, they are not stupid questions.  🙂

Good to watch beforehand if you have time:

At 1:26, what propaganda does Mr. Corbett use?


A huge thanks to Jeff, Nathan, Michael and the whole Anarchapulco crew for allowing and encouraging this “side-show” event!

For those of you that would like to donate the Mirror project, click HERE.  To see the Mirror Trailer, click HERE.

Larken’s notes:

“Know Thine Enemy”
Understanding and Dealing with the Psychology of Statism
(a presentation by Larken Rose)
1) Bad ideas, not people, are the real enemy.
– Talk as if you are talking to another (misinformed) you.
– Even armed state thugs are enemies only because of ideas.
– Advocates of authoritarianism are also victims of authoritarianism.
2) Keep in mind your own goal.
– Is your primary goal to vent, to win an argument, or…
– to empower and free others by releasing them from a lie?
3) Always remember you are dealing with an article of faith.
– Don’t be surprised when logic alone doesn’t work.
– Expect people to be irrationally defensive of long-held beliefs.
– Expect people to fear new and unfamiliar ideas.
– Dogma:“law,” “government,” “crime,” “taxes,” etc.
4) The setting of discussions matters.
– Most people are nastier and more argumentative online than in person.
– There are pros and cons of private and public discussions.
– Sometimes public pressure can make someone clam up.
– When debating in front of others, people will focus on “winning.”
– Public discussions can benefit more than one person at a time.
5) Don’t talk as if the statist has evil intentions.
– Everyone thinks he is good, and thinks he is in the right.
– You won’t get anyone to concede that he is evil and malicious.
– You might get someone to concede that he was mistaken.
– 1 –
6) Get into his mind; try to understand how he sees reality.
– If you were ever a statist, remember what you thought and believed.
– Become acquainted with the “empty spaces” in statist thought.
– Acknowledge the worthy goals he wants (security, justice, etc.).
7) Get the statist to argue with himself, instead of with you.
– A statist will naturally resist outside, foreign ideas.
– Help the statist see his own internal inconsistencies.
– Use questions, not assertions, to do this.
– If he sees his own contradictions, lashing out at you won’t help him.
– “Planting seeds” is a lot more likely than “winning” the argument.
8) Keep the discussion specific and literal.
– Keep an eye out for, and correct, vague euphemisms.
– Don’t let him change the subject.
– Describe the literal reality of “taxes,” “laws,” “government,” etc.
– Expect resistance when you do this; then ask the statist to be literal.
– e.g., “What literally happens if someone doesn’t pay taxes?”
– Constantly point out the violence inherent in all statist policies.
– Don’t let him change the subject.
– Understand why statists will subconsciously try to change the subject.
– Don’t let him change the subject.
9) Make the discussion personal.
– Talk less about what is, more about what should be (avoid fact-bickering).
– Ask what the statist personally advocates that “government” do.
– Use yourself as the hypothetical victim of state aggression.
(e.g., “What do you advocate be done to me if I disobey…?”)
– Demand specifics, not euphemisms and vague evasions.
10) Guilt-trip the statist, but do it gently.
– Literally and precisely describe the violence that the statist condones.
– Keep bringing it back to what he personally advocates.
– Use specific examples, real or hypothetical, of the victims of statism.
– Use peer pressure against those advocating authoritarianism.
– 2 –
11) Know when to back off, temporarily or permanently.
– The two best responses: calm contemplation, and tantrums.
– Both are the result of cognitive dissonance.
– If he says, “I’ll have to think about that,” you win! So shut up!
– (Unless he actually invites further input from you.)
– You don’t need to “fix” everyone; when you hit a brick wall, move on.
– However, publicly debating even “hopeless” statists can benefit observers.
– Never assume you made no impact, even on the “hopeless.”
12) Always be a learner and a teacher.
– There is plenty to be learned even from nasty, stupid people.
– Study how the statist thinks, and how he responds to things.
– Learn the ways in which statists try to change the subject.
– If a statist is “beyond hope,” do an “autopsy” on his psyche.
– Like chess, if you lose, you still will, if you learn something.
13) When statists are ready, let them repent!
– Bad: “Ha ha, you were wrong!” / Good: “Welcome to voluntaryism!”
– Winning them over to peaceful coexistence is not defeating them.
– Don’t conquer them. Free and empower them.


Psychology of Statism