Let’s Think Show #6 Notes

On show #6 we discussed:Rights Let's Think Show #6 Notes

Segment 1:

United States Government’s Bill of Rights overview

Segment 2:

Guest:  Philosopher and human rights activist Kason Bryden discusses rights, staking claims and Universally Preferable Behavior (amzn.to/36NaDzG ) and much more, what a bright guy!

Segment 3:

Guest: Philosopher Yaakov Markel, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and free-market evangelist challenges the existence of “rights.”

Segment 4:

Completely unrelated to the three segments above, Shepard reads the redacted article by Genevieve Briand of John Hopkins. In a blatant knee-jerk reaction to a scientific suggestion being opposed to the mainstream narrative, a college tries to unspeak some important words said by Genevieve Briand.

Shepard found the original here:  web.archive.org/web/2020112622311…s-due-to-covid-19

The reading of the article is available on Odysee below.