John Taylor Gatto’s Ultimate History Lesson

Hello friends,

Time is short for producers, and I only recommend reading, listening and viewing pieces that I find to be worthy of a busy person’s time.  This YouTube suggestion is for over 5 hours of video, and was suggested to me by a voluntaryist pal in Scottsdale, AZ, thanks Tom for making me aware of John Taylor Gatto’s Ultimate History Lesson!

John Taylor Gatto's Ultimate History LessonI suggest that as you watch it, you don’t make judgment about what you agree or disagree about, just listen and contemplate.  Then, a week, month or year later, watch it again, this time carefully thinking.  I am in my second watching, and am finding that 80% of the content is great!

Skip the first 16 minutes of video 1, it is of the “interviewer” advertising the project.  I will summarize for you, “If you like the video, please make a donation and check out their webpage for lots of other info.”

I look forward to your comments below!