The Island Analogy by Larken Rose

Island Analogy by Larken Rose

Larken Rose is a humanitarian activist who shares his views on peace throughout the world.  Many intellectuals in the liberty movement consider Larken to be the foremost mentor for liberty and peace advocates.

At the 2016 Anarchapulco conference in Mexico, Openly Voluntary organized a “train the trainer” event at which Larken provided training for one of his most effective presentations, the Island Analogy.  (Many thanks to Nathan & Jeff for helping make this training happen and founder Roger Ver and other attendees for their excellent questions during this Larken Rose Island Analogy event!)

It is the mutual hope of Larken Rose, Anarchapulco organizers and Openly Voluntary that this video series, totaling less than 45 minutes, will be learned from & then improved upon and used by many human rights activists for many years! This is a “train the trainers” thing, so if you are new to voluntaryism, it might not be the best use of your time. 🙂

Please enjoy this Larken Rose Island Analogy training session, which we have broken into 4 sections!

Larken Rose Island Analogy free audio download

To hear the above analogy on audio, please enjoy the multiple-podcast episodes Larken provided HERE.

Laren’s videos on YouTube, he has many excellent ones.  Some of our favorites include:

This is a link to Larken’s YouTube channel:

…and a bonus link to an excellent video that was done by a former Anarcho-Capitalist.