I Don’t Vote

I Don't Vote

I Don’t Vote

Millions of humans around the world do not vote, some out of apathy and some for serious moral and/or philosophic reasons.

  • Are you pondering the value of voting?
  • Do you wonder why you need to select another person to rule over you?
  • Are you too busy doing things that actually matter & that are productive?
  • Do you have the wisdom to know that your vote does not count or matter?
  • Are you intelligent?
  • Are the lines too long or is it otherwise too much hassle?

Here at I Don’t Vote, we genuinely respect your honorable choice, regardless of your reason.  We thank you for your willingness to go against the mainstream flow and to instead stand up against the time-wasting, silly and immoral practice of voting in government elections.

Learn more about the issue and arm yourself with valuable resources as you communicate to your intelligent friends and help them also follow this peaceful path of non-voting.

i dont vote

For a deeper dive into reasoning behind non-voting, check out these articles on voluntaryist.com:

Below is a series of articles on Non-Voting that The Voluntaryist will be emailing out to help combat the systemic violence encouraged every two years in the so-called United States of America. We invite new perspectives on this problem, so please contact us if you have found something you consider worthy of being added to this Series on Non-Voting.

  1. Introduction to the Non-Voting Series (November 2015) by Carl Watner
  2. The Superiority of Moral Power Over Political Power by Adin Ballou
  3. The Illegality, Immorality and Violence of All Political Action by Robert LeFevre
  4. The Non-Voter�s Right to Ignore the State by Herbert Spencer
  5. Abstain from Beans by Robert LeFevre
  6. Arguments Against Political Action by John Pugsley
  7. Living Slavery And All That by Alan P. Koontz
  8. On Underwriting an Evil by Frank Chodorov
  9. Against Woman Suffrage by Lysander Spooner
  10. We Have to Do Something! by John Pugsley
  11. Political Methods vs. Nonviolent Resistance by Francis Tandy
  12. Delegitimize: Do Not Repeal by George Smith