Hate Groups 2023

hate  /hāt/  verb   1. feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone).

Some people hate other people. This is acceptable if there is a reason-based reason, for example it is acceptable for a women to hate the man who raped her or for a peasant to hate the king whole stole some of his harvest from him.
We do not focus on people or groups who intellectually conclude that other people or groups are bad – based on actual evidence. This is simply freedom of thought, opinion and association. Our focus is on groups who are stirring up hate toward others without good reason and who indicate that they might initiate violence.
We hate groups and individuals who hate other people or groups based on their skin or hair color, heritage, gender, religious background, ideology, attitudes or other bias. We believe that it is right and proper for people to carefully analyze philosophy, history, social science and other areas and to search for truth.

Updated Hate Groups 2023

  1. KKK – Ku Klucks Klan – Hate people because of skin color, sexual partner selection
  2. BLM – Black Lives Matter – Hate people because of skin color This group removed from list because their racial prejudice is against a class of people who deserve no protection – white people
  3. WEF – World Economic Forum – Hate people because they are stupid and/or unoppressed
  4. MAGA – Make America Great Again – Hate people who subscribe to different economic and political ideologies than those of big hawkish government and Republican valuesHate Groups 2023, terrorist compound
  5. IND – Indivisible – Hate people who subscribe to different economic and political ideologies than those close to Marxism
  6. RIGHT – Any group that generally aligns with conservative, constitutional or libertarianist ideologies, also can be referred to as “domestic terrorists”
  7. Jan6 – People who participated or supported those who participated in the January 6th Genocidal Molestation in Washington DC
  8. CT – Conspiracy Theorists – Anyone with a theory other than the theories presented by the people/organizations currently in political power