DASH and Ripple – Horrible and Great?

DASH and Ripple - Horrible and Great?

So, a couple trusted friends have very different opinions.  I love it when this happens because we all grow, stretch, learn and firm up old opinions or form new ones.  One friend loves DASH and thinks Ripple is horrible, and the other likes Ripple and thinks DASH sucks.  I decided to share their brain droppings in this post: DASH and Ripple – Horrible and Great?  I hope it helps you as it is helping me.

I love this disagreement and thought I would share their various facebook posts and PM comments below.  Both of my friends are really cool with everyone else choosing what they want.  Both are simply lay-folks like the rest of us.  They have done some research and come to some conclusions.  Their below remarks are simply off the cuff and are not meant, but may be used as free advice, which Openly Voluntary is backing with a 100% money-back guarantee.  lol

Ripple (XLR)


“Ripple is basically FED coin 101. But people will sell their freedom for convenience and false security. I hope I’m wrong though.”

“Ripple will be funding militaries and police to further stifle any competition and support borders and separation of people as does the current financial system. If you vote with your money for the familiar systems you will get them.”


“The pre-mine is no different than DASH expect ripple doesn’t lie about it like Evan Duffield did. The nodes can be run by anyone. 1 billion XRP per month is released for sale.  From an article.-“And while a number of people and organizations run nodes on the Ripple network, according to Todd, choosing to route transactions through a node that’s not a part of the UNL means that if your node comes to a different determination about the state of consensus than those nodes run by Ripple, it could split you off onto a separate “Ripple” chain. While Birla seemed to acknowledge the issue in conversation, he also said XRP Ledger (which was rebranded from Ripple Ledger last year) was decentralized in that it is open for anyone to use or build on top of.”

“The only real valid complaint I see about Ripple is they hired Ben Lawsky, former fed a$$hole.  For me the problem ends at the free market. Ripple doesn’t and can’t have a monopoly over the crypto economy. If it falls into phuckery it does nothing but create a market opportunity. That’s what Bitcoin was at the start. Government money sucks and Bitcoin filled a need. Simple.”



Here is some info about DASH you might want to read.(1) It was built on fraud; some guy named Evan cloned the Bitcoin code then pre-mined it in his closet for two days while purposefully blocking other miners from submitting blocks. He claimed it was a mistake or a bug after he raked in a couple of million coins. When questioned, he mocks the investor asking the question and acts really weird never really explaining what happened; he implies that he deserved the pre-mined coins because he put “his entire life in the computers in that closet” Video here: https://youtu.be/0EG2km7GAmM?t=2834

(2) He promised to give them back to the community and he never did; he lied. He now claims that by holding the coins, he is helping the community. Video here: https://youtu.be/0EG2km7GAmM?t=2834

(3) They lie in their marketing, claiming that it’s a totally anonymous and private coin. This is an outright lie and it puts people on the black market in danger. A bunch of smart people from Princetown were able to achieve 100% success in tracing Dash wallets on the network. Dash is not anonymous or private and using it puts you in danger;
Do not believe their marketing lies and never use Dash on the black market: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1709.02489.pdf

(4)They purposefully created master nodes to lock up a majority of coin supply and artificially increase price so that Evan can own a majority of them and continue to rake in fees from the dumbasses who use his network and making him even more rich by using his original pre-mined coins to extract even more funds from the network users. There are currently 4,766 master nodes on the network, putting 4,766,000 DASH out of circulation out of 7,774,607. Well over half of all DASH in existence is locked up creating artificial scarcity in order to inflate the price so Evan can profit even further.

(5) Evan has a master key that allows him to invalidate all transactions on the network for the previous 24 hours. More details here: https://www.reddit.com/…/just_a_reminder_that_dashs_strate…/

(6) Dash is openly being called a scam by some of the best and smartest people in the crypto world.

  • FluffyPony discussing Dash at length as a scam here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrKU0Ymta-U
  • Charlie Lee: “Dash is trash.”
  • Peter Todd: “Dash is snake oil.”
  • Greg Maxwell: “Dash is not cryptographically secure at all.”


“Dash has an incentivized node network that provides functionality and secure instant transactions at under 10 cents add to that a self-funded DAO that supports the network without relying on donations that could be from non crypto friendly sources. And this is just one small competitor. There are thousands. The true free market will choose and it doesn’t always pick the best but there will be more than one. Bitcoin is losing it’s only advantage at a rapid pace. It’s to early to tell still I just think people should not stay married to one coin when there are so many young hotties out there.”

“So to conclude Dash does have questionable beginnings that I’m not a fan of but its not a deal breaker for me. I think the benefits outweigh the negatives. this is how everyone should look at there investments. If you feel different then don’t buy or use any.  I don’t buy or use Bitcoin.  I like Monero but its just not very user-friendly yet in my opinion. I like Zcash and have some. I have Lite coin, it is better to use then bitcoin, but remember I’m about freedom not day trading.  If you want day trading advice see Tone or guys like him. They don’t seem to care much about the freedom part.

Also Evan is not the best public speaker but he is a good guy and he is looking out for the future of Dash. No one is being scammed, all of this information is easy to find and gets talked about allot.  I don’t see any other coins funding rebuilding of homes in Mexico City or funding rescue and clean-up efforts in Houston after the floods or help in Florida after the hurricane.  All these were funded by Dash. No Monero or Litecoin funded charities that I know of. I don’t think you can even ask the network ?  I stand behind Dash still as being the best coin even with a sketchy start. I hope all the core team becomes ungodly wealthy. I trust they will do good as they have been.”

DASH and Ripple – Horrible and Great?

DASH and Ripple – Horrible and Great?