Best Libertarian Books For Children

Best Libertarian Books For Children

Most  children spend over 1,000 hours each year learning the curriculum of the StatBest Libertarian Books For Childrene.  Government “public” schools are taught by a core of teachers that are not the most impressive in terms of helping children become educated. Many children’s books have strong collectivist leanings, and many members of the community teach egalitarian perspectives.

Our children are led to believe that thousands of polar bears are dying each day, that government school teachers are underpaid, that taxing and giving the stolen loot to those that produce little is virtuous.  What are the best libertarian books for children?

How do we share with our children the message of peace, freedom and reason?  One solution is the excellent book series, the Tuttle Twins.

Until this book, freedom-minded parents have had little to no educational material to teach their children the concepts of liberty.  I hope that more and more authors will write books for kids about liberty!

The Tuttle Twins series of books helps children learn about political and economic principles in a fun and engaging manner. With colorful illustrations and a fun story, your children will follow Ethan and Emily as they learn about liberty!  The book is written from a minarchist perspective, however the foundations provided are excellent.

Anam Paiseanta wrote THREE FRIENDS FREE, which is most appropriate for hard-core anarchists and might not be the right gift for a mainstream neighbor’s child.  (Speaking of Anam, he is working on the “next big thing” since digital currency, an app called Connector.  Check it out!)

Back to kids books about liberty, I am more closely in line philosophically with Anam than Connor Boyack, the author of Tuttle Twins.  Having said this, I am buying way more Tuttle Twins books for Libertarian and mainstream/conservative friends.  They are just “mellow” and “fun” enough not to be offensive, while still hard hitting enough to spark a child’s thinking.  The thinking child that continues to read with an open mind will surely progress from minarchist to Voluntaryist in time.

The Tuttle Twins combo pack are the best libertarian books for children and are an awesome deal! Why not buy an additional set for a neighbor?  It might not change the world, but it IS “doing something.”

Government schools are a failure, they are actually BAD for kids.  Brilliant people from very different political leanings agree that education is very much lacking in the US.  From Noam Chomsky above to John Taylor Gatto below, experts agree that homeschooling or unschooling is the best way to go!

The Tuttle Twins books are a great way to actually help your children think and learn about new ideas.  I highly recommend them! -OV1
The Tuttle Twins - a child's foundation of freedom