2014 List of Voluntaryist Leaders

February 2, 2014

The following are contemporary leaders in the peace movement.  I hope you will investigate each person’s work and then do even better work for peace and freedom that they do!

Carl Watner

Arguably the grandfather of the modern voluntaryist movement, Mr. Watner lives by his creed, “If you take care of the means, the ends will take care of themselves.”  While many voluntaryists are atheists, Mr. Watner is a notable exception, and is able to respectfully maintain his faith system among a movement of science and logic enthusiasts.  I respect few humans, living or dead, as much as I respect him.  www.Voluntaryist.com

Doug Casey

Mr. Casey has achieved success in the business world and while being a public figure retains the courage to be vocal about his understandings of economics, finances, government and investing.  I trust him.  Check him out here.

Jeffery Tucker

Formerly of Mises Institute,Mr. Tucker is the brilliant and flamboyant publisher of Laissez Faire Books as well as an author.  His newest 2014 project is liberty.me, a social networking site for libertarian-leaning folks.

Larken Rose

Mr. Rose appears to be a good man.  His many books, videos and writing on the subjects of peace and liberty are among the best.  He is the antipode of Stefan Molyneux in terms of his ability to communicate his ideas in a succinct manner.  Mr. Rose practices what he preaches, and as a result is a “starving philosopher.”  I find him worthy of donations.  Check out his new podcast, which is well worth $3.79/month!

Shane Scheid

Mr. Scheid is a student of Mises Institute and has an incredible way with words.  Befriending him on facebook is a great way to see his frequent ponderings … most of which are well thought out and lead me to take pause.

Lew Rockwell

Mr. Rockwell founded the Mises Institute and has an incredible way with written words.  He is not a great public speaker, but his knowledge and his writings are incredible!  His blog is an invaluable resource.  He is highly deserving of our respect, appreciation and attention.  Visit his blog at lewrockwell.com.

Ernest Hancock

Ernie is a radio talk show host in Arizona, and is the  founder of news website Freedom’s Phoenix.  He has quite a following.  He hosts the Freedom Summit from time to time, and actively writes and produces other work.  While I find his way of speaking to be a bit hectic, he has devoted his life and purse to liberty and is a good man!  Check out his webpage, which is very “busy.”  He is a real leader and even if you don’t love his style, he HAS done SO much for our movement and is due great respect for it!

Stefan Molyneux

Mr. Molyneux is a brilliant communicator that has done more for spreading peaceful ideas than most living humans.  He is at times challenged with sticking to the rules of logic, is manipulative and overbearing in his communications but while he is not 100% perfect in every way, neither am I.  He is well worth listening to, and while his podcasts are far more lengthy than necessary, like 200 page books with 15 pages of excellence, he is worth the time and I find that more than 90% of his ideas are brilliant.  Just be careful not to let him sucker you in … remember he is just a guy that has some good things to say… and some bad things to say as well.

Dave Scotese

Mr. Scotese is a philosopher that works with Carl Watner.  The two men have many similar understandings as well as some areas of disagreement.  Simply being associated with and trusted by Mr. Watner makes Mr. Scotese truly “bonafide.”  I have also met with David and had discussions, and while we don’t always agree, he is a kind, thoughtful and intelligent man.

Who did I miss?  Who else is reaching hundreds of people or is SO intelligent in their ideas, communication or otherwise that deserves to be on this list?  

Are the following 5 people the best 

“Dead Leaders in Thought?”

Karl Hess

Mr. Hess was a highly educated man without much schooling.  He worked as a speech writer for Barry Goldwater, and due to his dislike of government theft (taxation) the IRS achieved a government settlement against him for “100% of all future earnings forever.”  He is one of the best public speakers I have ever heard, and a couple months ago at a conference in California I overheard Butler Shaffer comment that he was the most under-appreciated leader of thought in our movement.  Search for him on YouTube, he was a great guy!

Lysander Spooner

Mr. Spooner was a 19th century philosopher and writer.  His book, “No Treason, the Constitution of No Authority” is a must read for serious libertarians.

Murry Rothbard

Mr. Rothbard was a 20th century economist, philosopher and writer.  His books are not “easy reads” but are well worth the investment.

Who has two more?  🙂